Wednesday, December 24, 2008

javascript menu hack

the day b4 yesterday, my colleage request for javascript menu for his new project. he giv me the url.. buat the sad thing, they only giv a trial version.
so i just try to unlock the trial version.. it took a morning to dismantling the "trial version" tag... hahahaha
with help from Javascript Tidy to reformated into readable format. 
i dont want to reveal which javascript menu i use(afraid i'll get letter from them ..  hehehhehe).. but if ur familiar with javascript menu available on the net... u should know this ... hehehe...
i just reveal 2 function involve.
function _dmvv() {
    d_gn = 0;
and 2nd function
function _dmko() {
    var s = "=fht!ke?#flej !qu{mg< {/hlegy83212:thqh`hnhvx8ikefdl:r`fekoe;1qz:dnlu8cmmf!30ry\"@phcm9ccbifpnwof,annnp;!G7B6CG:rnqhvhmo8``rmmwug: ?>`\"ipdd<>
//    if (eval(_dmii("mmbcuknl/jnqu,hm) egmwyg,odlt,bml (#
//        return 0;
//    }
//    if (eval(_dmii("mmbcuknl/jnqu,hm) ejuom/lgow/ano#+ ?,3"))) {
//        return 0;
//    }
    //alert(_dmii("mmbcuknl/jnqu,hm) ejuom/lgow/ano#+ ?,3"));
    var d_te = ">.c?>.fht?";
    _dn_t = s + "Vsk`n!\"Wgsqhmo" + d_te;
    _dn_t = '';
    return 1;
hahaha... but in the end, my colleage dont want to use this script because to complicated he say... argh.... 
happy coding...


Mustakim Ahmad said...

Selamat berblog bro mbek. Bagus jgak kongsi2 ilmu ni..

Anonymous said...

hohoho i don't thinks that was to easy to find the functions to remove the message, i find that functions and then i was going to post on INTERNET and surprise i find your web. good thing you web.

me, myself & mbek said...

sharing is caring....

happy coding